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Obsculta, o fili, præcepta magistri, et inclina aurem cordis

"Listen, O my son, to the precepts of thy master, and incline the ear of thy heart, and cheerfully receive and faithfully execute the admonitions of thy loving Father, that by the toil of obedience thou mayest return to Him from whom by the sloth of disobedience thou hast gone away."--from the prologue of the Rule of St. Benedict

Oh, LiveJournal

I used to love you so, LiveJournal. I adopted you early and we spent so much time together.

My friend's list was my main stop on the Web and I've made some friends that I still communicate with to this day via you.

Sure, you speak Russian now and try to sell me stuff, but we had some good times, LiveJournal.

Whenever I see a little blue pencil, I'll think of you.



Recently, I have come to believe that no average citizen really needs a blog. In this age of Facebook status updates and Tweets, I thought that a normal person with out an agenda propagate or something to promote really needs more that 140 characters to keep their friends hip to what's going on.

I think I might be wrong.

Tonight I was reflecting on my status update/Twittering habits and I had "what alcoholics refer to as 'a moment of clarity'" that the information contained in there tends to be very shallow. Sure, I update those much more often than I update this thing, but if you were to reconstruct me from my status updates and my Tweets, I'd just be this guy who needs coffee, watches movies, eats and drinks. Very surface, very shallow.

I think that the things that are important and personal to me just take more that 140 characters to talk about. They are often nuanced and require background.

Like, today, Alex, our younger son, went the doctor. His breast bone is protruding and he's gonna have to go see a specialist in B'ham next month to see what needs to be done to correct it. Nothing life-threatening or anything, but pretty important to me as he's my son.

Talking about that in a Tweet just doesn't feel right. It's feels, I don't know, needy, like a cry for attention or pity.

So, I think, maybe somethings are Blogable and somethings are Tweetable. I may need both.

It maybe that the only people I want to share my personal stuff with are people who will take the time to read past 140 characters.

Maybe I'll start using this thing again.


Live Improv Comedy Tonight!

North Alabama's Only Improv Comedy Troupe
Saturday, May 9, 2009
on Charlotte Drive off South Parkway in Huntsville

Only $10 for a full, live, interactive improv comedy show! Every night is opening night and no two shows are the same!

I think I'm about done

I still check my friends list and still comment on some communities, but I think I'm about done posting on this thing. I think my Facebook page has become what this LJ used to be and more.

So, if I don't post here again, have a productive Lent and a great Easter.



(Two clean cut Caucasian teenage boys outside St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Madison, AL, before the 11:30 am Sunday mass.)

First Boy: Yeah, Lil' Wayne is just...

Boy with iPod buds in Ears: Whack?

First: Yeah. He is.


iPod: Well, I'm gonna go to church.

First: Yeah, you need to!

Paying it Forward

Inspired by jediwonderboy:

To the first five people who comment on this post, I will create a short digital film that reflects your personality or interests as I perceive them. You will receive it in digital format within the year 2009.

The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog (something that reflects your talents or interests, such as a hand-made item).

God is now on earth, and man in heaven

Homily on Christmas Morning by St. John Chrysostom:

BEHOLD a new and wondrous mystery. My ears resound to the Shepherd’s song, piping no soft melody, but chanting full forth a heavenly hymn. The Angels sing. The Archangels blend their voice in harmony. The Cherubim hymn their joyful praise. The Seraphim exalt His glory. All join to praise this holy feast, beholding the Godhead here on earth, and man in heaven. He Who is above, now for our redemption dwells here below; and he that was lowly is by divine mercy raised.

Bethlehem this day resembles heaven; hearing from the stars the singing of angelic voices; and in place of the sun, enfolds within itself on every side, the Sun of justice. And ask not how: for where God wills, the order of nature yields. For He willed; He had the power; He descended; He redeemed; all things yielded in obedience to God. This day He Who is, is Born; and He Who is, becomes what He was not. For when He was God, He became man; yet not departing from the Godhead that is His. Nor yet by any loss of divinity became He man, nor through increase became He God from man; but being the Word He became flesh, His nature, because of impassability, remaining unchanged.

And so the kings have come, and they have seen the heavenly King that has come upon the earth, not bringing with Him Angels, nor Archangels, nor Thrones, nor Dominations, nor Powers, nor Principalities, but, treading a new and solitary path, He has come forth from a spotless womb.

Since this heavenly birth cannot be described, neither does His coming amongst us in these days permit of too curious scrutiny. Though I know that a Virgin this day gave birth, and I believe that God was begotten before all time, yet the manner of this generation I have learned to venerate in silence and I accept that this is not to be probed too curiously with wordy speech.

For with God we look not for the order of nature, but rest our faith in the power of Him who works.

What shall I say to you; what shall I tell you? I behold a Mother who has brought forth; I see a Child come to this light by birth. The manner of His conception I cannot comprehend.

Nature here rested, while the Will of God labored. O ineffable grace! The Only Begotten, Who is before all ages, Who cannot be touched or be perceived, Who is simple, without body, has now put on my body, that is visible and liable to corruption. For what reason? That coming amongst us he may teach us, and teaching, lead us by the hand to the things that men cannot see. For since men believe that the eyes are more trustworthy than the ears, they doubt of that which they do not see, and so He has deigned to show Himself in bodily presence, that He may remove all doubt.

Christ, finding the holy body and soul of the Virgin, builds for Himself a living temple, and as He had willed, formed there a man from the Virgin; and, putting Him on, this day came forth; unashamed of the lowliness of our nature.

For it was to Him no lowering to put on what He Himself had made. Let that handiwork be forever glorified, which became the cloak of its own Creator. For as in the first creation of flesh, man could not be made before the clay had come into His hand, so neither could this corruptible body be glorified, until it had first become the garment of its Maker.

What shall I say! And how shall I describe this Birth to you? For this wonder fills me with astonishment. The Ancient of days has become an infant. He Who sits upon the sublime and heavenly Throne, now lies in a manger. And He Who cannot be touched, Who is simple, without complexity, and incorporeal, now lies subject to the hands of men. He Who has broken the bonds of sinners, is now bound by an infants bands. But He has decreed that ignominy shall become honor, infamy be clothed with glory, and total humiliation the measure of His Goodness.

For this He assumed my body, that I may become capable of His Word; taking my flesh, He gives me His spirit; and so He bestowing and I receiving, He prepares for me the treasure of Life. He takes my flesh, to sanctify me; He gives me His Spirit, that He may save me.

Come, then, let us observe the Feast. Truly wondrous is the whole chronicle of the Nativity. For this day the ancient slavery is ended, the devil confounded, the demons take to flight, the power of death is broken, paradise is unlocked, the curse is taken away, sin is removed from us, error driven out, truth has been brought back, the speech of kindliness diffused, and spreads on every side, a heavenly way of life has been ¡in planted on the earth, angels communicate with men without fear, and men now hold speech with angels.

Why is this? Because God is now on earth, and man in heaven; on every side all things commingle. He became Flesh. He did not become God. He was God. Wherefore He became flesh, so that He Whom heaven did not contain, a manger would this day receive. He was placed in a manger, so that He, by whom all things arc nourished, may receive an infant¢s food from His Virgin Mother. So, the Father of all ages, as an infant at the breast, nestles in the virginal arms, that the Magi may more easily see Him. Since this day the Magi too have come, and made a beginning of withstanding tyranny; and the heavens give glory, as the Lord is revealed by a star.

To Him, then, Who out of confusion has wrought a clear path, to Christ, to the Father, and to the Holy Ghost, we offer all praise, now and for ever. Amen.

Our Chidren are Sane and Delightful

Well, half of that equation might be true...

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